About Herrmann Law Group


Herrmann Law Group has been delivering results to injured individuals for almost 70 years.

Herrmann Law Group was established in 1950 by former Washington State Senator and Insurance Commissioner Karl Herrmann (1915-1997). Upon Karl’s retirement, his son Charles Herrmann assumed management of the firm and cemented its position as a formidable personal injury firm after successfully litigating the cases of 89 victims arising out of the controversial shoot down of Korean Airlines flight “KAL 007.” Today, the family tradition is continued by Karl’s granddaughter, Lara Herrmann.

The attorneys and staff at Herrmann Law Group recognize that past successes are meaningless if we don’t fiercely advocate for our current clients and continue to produce fair and fast results. All clients of Herrmann Law Group, whether suffering from minor soft tissue injuries sustained in a motor vehicle collision or permanent disabilities resulting from major airline disasters, are entitled to and receive the same level of fierce advocacy that is required in today’s hostile legal world to obtain results.

We recognize at Herrmann Law Group that the appropriate result can vary from client to client and case to case. We do not take a “one size fits all” approach to legal representation of our clients. At Herrmann Law Group, you will be treated as an individual, with individual needs, to obtain the result you seek to be fairly compensated for your injury. Thus, the attorneys and staff at Herrmann Law Group will work closely with you to determine the correct legal course required to achieve the appropriate result for your case.

In an ever-changing legal environment, Herrmann Law Group’s focus has remained the same through the generations: results.