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Our FIRM RECORD of success speaks for itself. We have recovered over $225 million for victims

HERRMANN LAW GROUP has been continuously representing victims of numerous aviation and other mass transit disaster cases for the last 65 years.  From the Soviet shoot down of Korean Air KAL 007 to currently representing 20 families in the recent Lion Air crash in Indonesia. Our record of success speaks for itself.  We have recovered over $225 million for our clients. Here is our record of successful cases:

KAL 007: In 1983, a Soviet MIG shot down Korean Air flight KAL 007 after it had wandered off course deep into Soviet territory during its flight from New York to Seoul, Korea.  History records this incident as second closest the USA and the Soviet Union came to starting World War III, behind only the Cuban Missile crisis.  After interviewing numerous U.S. law firms, the families of 89 of the 102 Koreans who died in this disaster chose Herrmann Law Group to represent them.  Charles Herrmann’s role in winning the case was portrayed in the HBO movie Tailspin and featured in the book Death of Flight 007.

Arrow Air: In 1985, a charter flight of Arrow Air carrying 256 members of the U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division crashed.  Shortly after takeoff at the airport in Gander, Newfoundland, Canada the plane crashed and burst into flames, killing everyone aboard.  The parents of our only hometown trooper chose us to represent them.

KE 801: In 1997, Korean Airlines crashed its flight KE 801 into Nimitz Hill while trying to land at Agana, Guam in bad weather.  Approximately half of the passengers survived the initial impact only to burn to death in the ensuing fire.  There were a handful of survivors.

The victims came together to select a committee and chairman.  They screened all the U.S. aviation firms until they selected 10 firms to make presentations.  After the presentations, 56 families chose our firm.  The second biggest group any law firm had was 14.  We recovered in excess of $92,000,000.00.

CI 611: In 2002, China Airlines flight CI 611 disintegrated over the Strait of Taiwan during a flight from Taipei, Taiwan to Hong Kong, China.  Our investigation revealed that the plane came apart as a result of faulty repairs at the direction of Boeing, the company that had built the plane.  All people on board were killed.  Like the Koreans, the Taiwanese came together to form a group to interview all the U.S. lawyers interested in representing them.  All but a handful of the victims chose our law firm to represent them; recovering in excess of $26 million U.S. dollars.

CA 129: Also, in 2002, China Air flight CA 129 from Beijing crashed into a mountain while attempting to land at Busan, Korea.  86 of the 97 victims chose us to represent them.  The case was concluded before the Supreme Court of Korea and we obtained a judgment several times the amount that Korean courts have traditionally awarded for wrongful deaths and personal injuries totaling more than $23 Million.

NTPS: In 2003, a Korean Air Force Major was selected to attend a highly specialized course at the National Test Pilot School near Rosamond, California.  In his first training flight with an instructor, the plane crashed killing both men.  We are particularly proud of the fact that the incident landed on the Korean Air Force Attaché’s desk at the Korean Embassy in Washington D.C. where he proceeded to conduct a meticulous survey of U.S. aviation firms.  He made the final decision to refer that deceased Major’s widow to our firm.  We collected $4,000,000.00 for his family.

TA 390:  In 2008, TACA Airlines flight TA 390 ran off the runway while attempting to land at the airport in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. We filed the first lawsuit in the USA on behalf of several of our Honduran clients.  Five survivor cases filed in the USA have been settled for as much as $1,750,000.00. Denied justice in the courts of El Salvador, we are now representing 28 victims before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in Central America.

MI JOO BUS CRASH: In December of 2012, the grossly overworked driver of a Mi Joo Tour Bus lost control on snow and ice upon the roadway to plummet off a cliff with 45 passengers onboard resulting in 9 deaths and dozens of catastrophically injured victims. Herrmann led all plaintiff attorneys in reaching agreement with the defense to pay their maximum policy limits (C$10 million) and then to submit the question of each victim’s damages to a single arbitrator. The total award for our clients was a pro rata share of the C$10 million based upon total combined evaluations of $14,364,389.00.

OZ 214: Asiana air crash at San Francisco Airport in July 6, 2013. A combination of an inadequately trained crew, defects in the design of the plane’s auto throttle, and malfunctioning evacuating slides resulted in the aircraft striking the seaside bulkhead while landing at San Francisco. The Herrmann Law Group represented most of the cabin crew as well as many of the passengers onboard the flight securing well deserved, as we demanded, but confidential, compensation for these victims.

RIDE THE DUCKS: On September 24, 2015, an amphibious vehicle, converted by Ride the Ducks International into a civilian “Duck Boat” operated by Ride the Ducks Seattle. The Duck boat collided with a tour bus on the “Aurora Bridge.” In 2013, Ride the Ducks International became aware that the axel housings on Duck Boats such as this could be dangerously defective; they needed to be thoroughly checked and repaired. Ride the Ducks International published a warning to its own operators in the form of a service bulletin, but it failed to successfully inform its franchisee, Ride the Ducks Seattle. We represented three injured and one Decedent onboard the tour bus winning a settlement of $9,000,000.00 USD.

LION AIR JT610: On March 6, 2019, the Herrmann Law Group filed a lawsuit against The Boeing Company in the United States on behalf of the families of 17 victims of the deadly crash involving a Boeing 737-8 Max shortly after takeoff from Jakarta, Indonesia on October 29, 2018. We are now representing the families of 20 victims. We will prove that Boeing, not only provided defective equipment on a brand new 737 MAX, but also driven by market competition, Boeing intentionally concealed new computer program from pilots to avoid expensive, but necessary training costs.

It is important to understand that results in prior cases do not reflect compensation in future cases. Each accident is different; just as each victim’s injuries are unique. Nonetheless, we believe proven results reflect the competency and experience of our legal team. Here is an itemized list of our settlements/awards in previous mass transit disaster cases:


# Flight/Bus Description Settlement/Award
1 KAL 007 42-year-old married businessman $10,000,000.00
2-3 KAL 007 63-year-old retired man & wife $1,575,000.00
4 KAL 007 44-year-old cruise ship purser $2,275,000.00
5-8 KAL 007 34-year-old housewife & 2 children $2,225,000.00
8 KAL 007 19-year-old student $575,000.00
9 KAL 007 20-year-old student $575,000.00
10 KAL 007 32-year-old travel agent $575,000.00
11 KAL 007 44-year-old businessman $3,275,000.00
12-89 KAL 007      (78) – Koreans combined $7,800,000.00
90 Arrow Air 19-year-old single soldier $650,000.00
91 KE 801 52-year-old executive $2,000,000.00
92 KE 801 47-year-old married businessman $2,586,244.79
93 KE 801 60-year-old retired single tax officer $825,000.00
94 KE 801 36-year-old housewife $1,500,000.00
95 KE 801 34-year-old single clinic manager $750,000.00
96 KE 801 38-year-old married school teacher $2,185,000.00
97 KE 801 40-year-old single businessman $1,500,000.00
98 KE 801 23-year-old female college student $825,000.00
99 KE 801 38-year-old single computer tech. $825,000.00
100 KE 801 13-year-old survivor $3,500,000.00
101 KE 801 32-year-old married businessman $2,500,000.00
102 KE 801 45-year-old married businessman $2,000,000.00
103 KE 801 42-year-old married businesswoman $2,600,000.00
104 KE 801 25-year-old single businesswoman $2,500,000.00
105 KE 801 46-year-old lawyer & 9-year-old son $3,000,000.00
106 KE 801 36-year-old married businessman $6,250,000.00
107 KE 801 27-year-old single travel agent $750,000.00
108 KE 801 24-year-old housewife survivor $5,500,000.00
109 KE 801 29-year-old single executive survivor $850,000.00
110 KE 801 18-year-old high school student $850,000.00
111 KE 801 32-year-old single physician $1,700,000.00
112 KE 801 11-year-old student $850,000.00
113 KE 801 38-year-old married executive $1,500,000.00
114 KE 801 27-year-old survivor $2,550,000.00
115 KE 801 24-year-old survivor $3,500,000.00
116 KE 801 26-year-old single technician $750,000.00
117 KE 801 72-year-old widow $750,000.00
118 KE 801 41-year-old married businessman $3,200,000.00
119 KE 801 23-year-old single female model $750,000.00
120 KE 801 42-year-old married businessman $2,375,000.00
121 KE 801 24-year-old female computer tech $4,650,000.00
122-147 KE 801       (26) Partial cases combined $30,000,000.00
148 CI 611 48-year-old restaurateur $3,500,000.00
149 CI 611 57-year-old businessman $3,265,000.00
150-208 CI 611 (59) – Taiwanese combined $26,375,000.00
209-301 CA 129 (86) Koreans Combined $22,360,000.00
302 NTPS 38-year-old Air Force Major $4,000,000.00
303 TA 390 52-year-old injured business woman $1,750,00.00
304 TA 390 31-year-old injured secretary $300,000.00
305 TA 390 64-year-old injured attorney $90,000.00
306 TA 390 46-year-old injured construction owner $90,000.00
307 TA 390 55-year-old injured government employee $90,000.00
308-320 Mi Joo 13 Victims Combined Evaluation $14,364,389.00
321-332 Mi Joo 11 Victims UIM Settlements $455,000.00
333-345 OZ 214 13 injured Cabin Crew & Passengers Confidential
346-349 Duck Boat 1 Decedent & 3 injured $9,000,000.00
350-351 Amtrak 2 injured Pending
352-353 UW Bus Crash 2 injured Pending
354-376 Lion Air JT610 22 Decedents Pending
TOTAL $225,250,000.00+