If you’ve ever had to deal with an insurance company, you’ve probably heard one or more of the following statements:

“You don’t need an attorney, we can work this out much quicker and easier.”

“We have already accepted responsibility—why would you want to give half of your money to an attorney?”

“You don’t need to hire an attorney, this is an open and shut case and we admit fault.”

You may wonder why an insurance company would go to such great lengths to persuade you not to hire an attorney. The reason is simple—insurance adjustors only have the best interests of their company in mind. Essentially, their job is to persuade you to accept the lowest amount of money they’re offering.

Here are a few reasons why seeking experienced counsel is best when dealing with insurance agencies:

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Potential for Increased Compensation

You can file a personal injury claim against an insurance company by yourself, but this can potentially backfire. Insurance adjusters know exactly what to say to attempt to persuade you to accept a lowball figure. In a worse-case scenario, you might not receive anything at all. Insurance adjustors look for any reason to deny your claim, no matter how small.

Past research from the Insurance Research Council (IRC) suggests auto accident settlements were significantly higher with attorney representation than without. A dedicated and knowledgeable Washington personal injury attorney has the experience needed to go against the insurance companies. We know the appropriate process to take when an insurance adjustor attempts to deny your claim.

Attorneys Understand the Legal Process

Insurance companies record every single conversation you have with them. You could potentially say something that would enable the insurance company to deny your claim or lower the amount of money they would offer you.

Attorneys understand the legal process and as such can help you navigate through the entire process of dealing with the insurance company. We’ve dealt with insurance companies countless times before. With thorough understanding of the legal process, we can fight for your fair compensation.

Easing Emotional Stress

Dealing with insurance companies can be very stressful, especially if you’re also dealing with an injury. Following an accident, it’s likely that you’re dealing with a host of problems, from having to take time off work, finding child care or taking care of your bills.

While attorneys do cost money, it can also allow you peace of mind knowing that your case is being completely handled by a legal professional. At Herrmann Law Group, we operate on a contingency fee. This means that we only accept a fee if you recover compensation for your injuries.

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Attempting to handle a claim on your own, only to hire an attorney after the fact may complicate the claims process. It’s important to schedule a free consultation immediately after an accident to determine the best path to take.

Our team at Herrmann Law Group is renown for fighting against insurance companies. Our attorneys can help you navigate the complicated and stressful legal process of negotiating with insurance adjustors. Give us a call at (253) 627-8142 or schedule a consultation to speak with an attorney to learn how you can be proceed on your quest to be made whole again.