What to do if you have been injured:

If you have been injured as a result of another person, company or government agency’s negligence or intentional conduct, seek medical attention right away. You may be contacted by a representative or insurance company for the other party. Remember, they are not on your side and do not have your best interests in mind. Do not provide a statement to the other party or their representatives. It’s best to contact an experienced and reputable personal injury attorney to help you navigate the complex claims process. The sooner you contact a personal injury attorney, the better they will be able to protect your interests.


How to pay for legal representation:

Have you been injured as a result of another’s negligence or intentional conduct and are now concerned that you cannot afford to hire legal representation? Herrmann Law Group can help you!

HLG represents individuals on a contingency fee. This means that we are paid only when your case is settled and our fee is paid by you directly from the settlement funds.


Why you should let Herrmann Law Group represent you:

  • We offer free consultations
  • You don’t get just one attorney, you get a team of experienced legal professionals
  • More than six decades of experience
  • Personalized legal strategies for your case
  • We produce results: HLG has recovered millions of dollars for our clients
  • International experience: Korean and Chinese interpreters on staff to assist
  • No recovery, no fee
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