Bangka Post, January 28, 2019

Families of multiple victims of Lion Air Crash JT610 joined together in securing the representation of internationally renowned United States aviation attorney Charles Herrmann of the Herrmann Law Group.

The famous aviation attorney declared, “It is already clear that equipment on the Boeing plane failed. Under U.S. law that is sufficient to hold Boeing responsible. We will be filing suit in the USA against Boeing shortly after my return to America.”

Charles Herrmann first won international acclaim for winning the case where a Soviet MIG shot down Korean Airlines flight KAL 007 over Sakhalin, killing all aboard. His role in that case was featured in the book “Death of Flight 007” and the HBO movie “Tailspin.”

Herrmann has successfully recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for the families of hundreds of victims of air disaster around the world, including Pusan, Korea, Taiwan, Beijing, Honduras, Canada, San Francisco, and the National Test Pilot School in California.

“Boeing not only provided Lion Air a new plane that had defective equipment. Boeing also failed to adequately instruct flight crews as to how to respond to an emergency created by this kind of system failures,” Herrmann said. “Liability appears relatively clear. Both Boeing and Lion Air must share responsibility.”

However, the real fight will most likely be over the amount of compensation to be paid. “There is a huge difference between the American standard for compensation and the amounts normally paid in Indonesia,” the attorney noted.

Attorney Herrmann cautioned victims that they should not sign the Release and Discharge (R&D) that Lion Air is insisting victims sign to receive the Rp 1.3 billion it is offering. “Buried in the R&D is language releasing Boeing from any liability. This would block a lawsuit against Boeing and hundreds of other equipment manufacturers that may have provided parts on the Boeing aircraft.”

Attorney Herrmann concluded, “All victims should join together to demand that Lion Air pay the insurance it owes to each victim’s family without requiring a release for anyone responsible for this horrific accident. Lion Air is clearly obligated to pay Rp. 1.254B under Indonesian law.  Lion Air is not entitled to any release whatsoever. Justice demands that these victims be treated fairly.”

Attorney Herrmann is meeting with numerous victims’ families in the Bang Ka area this week. His staff can be contacted at: +206 625 9104.