Trains are designed to be one of the safest modes of commercial transportation. However, train accidents can and do occur. In 2016, the Federal Railroad Administration reported that there were 11,257 train accidents in the United States, which were responsible for 777 fatalities. Due to the size, weight and speed, even a “minor” train-related collision or incident can have devastating and fatal consequences.


There are many factors that could cause a train accident. Oftentimes, these factors can combine to devastating effects, such as the Amtrak train derailment in DuPont, Washington in December 2017. Both excessive speed and failure of train safety systems were deemed partially responsible for the derailment.

Some common factors in a train accident include but are not limited to:

  • Human error
  • Train track defects
  • Train car defects
  • Employees not following safety protocols


After a train accident, insurance companies will usually attempt to contact the victims immediately. This is why it’s critical for train accident victims to seek the legal counsel before they talk to the insurance adjusters. When it comes to train disasters, you need an experienced and dedicated personal injury law firm that can spring into action immediately, one who has a deep understanding of the injury and train-related laws on your side.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a Washington train accident, contact the Herrmann Law Group as soon as possible. We will not only advise and represent you, but work with you every step of the way to get you the help you need and justice that you deserve.