As a litigator at Herrmann Law Group, Anthony Marsh’s job is not an easy one. It requires long work days, scouring over minute details and traveling to different cities to meet with injured clients or visit accident sites. A simple injury case may turn into a long and arduous battle against government entities, insurance companies or multimillion dollar corporations—spanning years of research and manpower.

But if you asked Anthony, his job does not actually feel like work.

Seattle injury attorney and litigator Anthony Marsh

No matter how big or small, he’s well-prepared to fiercely fight for victims who deserve justice. Oftentimes, it means taking on challenges that may not seem appealing or favorable to other attorneys. This is because Anthony understands the importance of determination in the face of adversity or uncertainty. To be an effective litigator, you must be willing to fight like hell no matter the circumstances.

“Where there’s a case worth fighting for, never, ever give up,” he says. “Try everything you can, because you never know what is going to stick, and you can still produce excellent results for people.”

Why Personal Injury Law?

In law school, with the help of professors and mentors, Anthony discovered his passion for personal injury law. Focusing his practice on personal injury meant he could spend his days going after the goliath insurance companies.

“The ability to protect ordinary people is extraordinarily appealing to me,” he says. This is because huge corporations have millions of dollars in resources, whereas most individuals do not. Most law practices are limited to representing only wealthy clients, but personal injury law is an area where you can help people no matter how much they make.

“I have clients that are millionaires and I have clients that are homeless,” he says. “Everyone deserves a right to representation. Everyone deserves the right to justice.”

Getting the Best Resolution

Anthony prioritizes helping clients make the best decision possible. He explains that when clients don’t understand the long-term consequences of a bad resolution or settlement, they can wind up with an amount that doesn’t fully meet their medical needs, especially for the lasting effects of injuries that aren’t always predictable.

With litigation, you must be willing to help educate your clients every step of the way—guiding them through their case to reach the best possible outcome.

“What I really enjoy is helping regular people understand the legal process and getting great results,” he says. “Preparing them for deposition, hearings and trials—getting to know them on a personal level so we can both fight for excellent results.”

Teamwork at HLG

One thing Anthony appreciates about Herrmann Law Group is that all hands can be on deck whenever needed. He describes the atmosphere as “collegial”, and enjoys that no matter the department, everyone can bounce ideas off of each other anytime, without having to worry about staying within a defined team for that case.

“The two most important things to us are, number one, getting as much as possible for our clients, and number two, getting it as quickly as possible.”

Life Outside of HLG

Anthony is a proud fourth-generation Washingtonian, with deep connections to the state. His grandfather was part of the construction crew that helped build Duck Island in Greenlake. He continues that lineage with his wife and infant son. Though his wife is also a lawyer, he says they rarely discuss cases at home. With the exception of sharing legal victories or funny stories, Anthony and his wife try to leave their work in the office or the courtroom.

Along with this love for injury law, Anthony has had a lifelong fascination with studying languages, history and culture, and enjoys staying in shape to keep both his mind and body active. Currently, though, most of his free time goes to being with his new son and family.