Tyler Méndez is devoted to delivering fruitful results to his clients with great resilience and persistence. His devotion to serve people stems from acting as student government president at Texas Wesleyan University and working as a legal assistant in Dallas, Texas, while earning his law degree.

Tyler is a Texas native who recently graduated from the University of North Texas College of Law where he was nominated and elected to receive the “Texas Legal Legend” award. Having received this award for surmounting obstacles and defending social justice, Tyler is determined to get his clients just compensation.

After developing efficient and effective research techniques in law school, Tyler employs his methods when investigating his clients’ matters. On numerous occasions, he has successfully negotiated liability with insurance adjusters by using his findings. However, should informal negotiations become ineffective, Tyler will zealously advocate on behalf of his clients in court.

He is well-equipped for battle against insurance companies as he excelled in mock trial, moot court, motion practice, and voir dire. Without hesitation, Tyler will fight to prevent insurance companies from exploiting his clients.

Tyler is pending admission to practice law in Washington.